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George, The three legged hare
Mom, Dad, and Me

George, The three legged hare.

me, sandra.

mom, the woman who started it all.

The Story


This story begins almost 70 years ago. As a new bride living in Nebraska, my Mother learned to make Runza’s from a woman of German descent. A Runza is a bun stuffed with cabbage and meat and a few other tasty things.

About a century ago, the Runza came to America with immigrants. The recipe has survived with each generation handing it down to the next one. Only in this case, the person learning to make the traditionally German, Eastern European food was Japanese!


My mother carefully typed up the recipe on an index card. To the delight of her family, she continued to make Runzas. Everyone loved them: family, friends, husbands, grandchildren, and guests. She taught me to make them when I was a young girl. And just like my mother, I continued to bake them too!

After deciding to share my favorite savory recipes, the final step was to name my business. Where did that come from? Once upon a time, there really was a three-legged hare in my life!  A once in a lifetime special rabbit, George, showed me that different is beautiful!

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